A CAD drawing is a basic illustration of a project that contains dimensions, fabric, materials used, lead time and many more useful information


As seen in the images below, a 2D cad drawing is a basic illustration of a product. We are doing these sketches to make sure that we understand your vision and that the furniture we deliver will truly be made to your specifications.

The drawings are free of charge


A 3D CAD drawing helps us to visualise the end product, and to amend the design if needed before starting production. The 2D and 3D drawings will have to be approved by you to start the manufacturing process.

The drawings are free of charge.

CGI And 3D Renderings

This process represents the simulation of a particular piece of furniture. The simulation can be complex and detailed as seen in the pictures below or can be a simple 3D coloured simulation of the item.

Usually this process is not necessary to start manufacturing but if needed, we can provide CGI images. Because it is complex and time consuming, this service is not free but if enquired, a quote will be sent to you.